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capCAP is the civilized 2-in-1 accessory cap for Nalgene wide-mouth drink bottles.

Most wide-mouth bottles are easy to fill and clean, but the standard opening is too big to drink from easily without spilling. Narrow-mouth bottles are great  to drink from but you can forget about putting ice cubes in them, let alone clean them. And bottle inserts don't really fix a spout that was never meant for daily drinking.

capCAP offers the best of both worlds:
Drink spill-free through the small spout, and clean and fill with ease with the large cap. The green, rubberized small cap is easy to grip, even with gloves on. And the wide, rounded strap is more comfortable to hold.

capCAP is 100% Polycarbonate-free and 100% BPA-free. Both caps are made with FDA-approved food-safe polypropylene (#5) plastic.
*capCAP does not include a bottle which must be purchased separately.
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